Music » Dholak

The dholak is a double-sided barrel drum, popular in India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, and Nepal, and is used to accompany traditional dances, qawwali, folk songs, as well as Sufi and Hindu religious music.

The basic construction of the drum is of wood, with animal skin tightly stretched over both ends. By changing the tension of the skins (thicker on the bass side and thinner on the treble side), the pitch of the sound may be adjusted. This is achieved by using a system of interwoven ropes and, in some cases, metal braces with nuts and bolts. The actual size of the dholak can vary from region to region.

Some of the bols associated with the dholak are: Dha Ge Na Ti Na Ka Dhi Na and Dha Tina Kina Ta Dhina Gina.