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Welcome to Utpalasia’s Did You Know? page. Here we explore some of the lesser known tidbits of information about South and Southeast Asian countries, their cultures, and lifestyles. We also take a look at a variety of topics ranging from dance trivia to manners and etiquette. Have a question you’d like answered? Let us know what you would like to see featured via Twitter, Google+, or email!

» In rural areas, children walk up to three hours to go to school. Roads are a recent addition in select communities, but the rest of the country, especially in the mountainous areas, still travels by foot.

» Anklets are worn by women for more than just fashion. They help to aesthetically improve a part of the body which is considered low and polluted — the foot. The jingling of the bells is believed to scare demons and evil spirits out of one's path when walking. Anklets are usually made out of sterling silver, as gold is considered too valuable and pure for use near one's feet.

» Nepalis have a very sharp sense of humor. They are keen observers of peoples' character and behavior. Comedy TV series, which satirize certain groups, are enormously popular. As a people they are often curious to the point of being rude and will not hesitate to ask the most personal questions of anyone they meet. This is never meant to be insulting, rather just a means of getting to know more about the other person and being friendly.