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» Nepali men often do the shopping for meat. Women are the bargainers for fruits and vegetables and it is not uncommon to see them haggling in the streets over the price of a merchant's wares.

» Most Nepalis eat by hand. Only the right hand is used, since the left is reserved for other tasks and is considered unclean. Western utensils are mostly reserved for restaurants and upscale households in the valley.

» The small ornament Indian and Nepali women wear above the bridge of the nose is called a tika and signifies several different things. It represents the third eye of Shiva, which seeks out and destroys evil and is a sign of religious dedication and worship. If the tika is red, it indicates that the woman is married. The younger generation of Nepali girls don't always wear tikas, but when they do, it is often more of a fashion accessory than a religious symbol.