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Welcome to Utpalasia’s Did You Know? page. Here we explore some of the lesser known tidbits of information about South and Southeast Asian countries, their cultures, and lifestyles. We also take a look at a variety of topics ranging from dance trivia to manners and etiquette. Have a question you’d like answered? Let us know what you would like to see featured via Twitter or email!

» Smoking is still very popular in Nepal. For those who don't wish to buy an entire pack of cigarettes, it is possible to purchase just one, known as a khilli, in a local shop for a few paisa.

» Motorcycles, commonly called motorbikes, are popular in the Kathmandu Valley and surrounding areas. They are more affordable than cars and are able to navigate the crowded streets with more ease than larger vehicles. It is not uncommon to see an entire family, including babies and young children, perched atop one.

» Babies get their ears pierced soon after birth because the skin is still thin at that time. Later, at the walking stage, it is believed that making the baby wear thick, heavy anklets will help them to take their first steps.