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Utpalasia is an organization committed to creating and inspiring an artistic community with authentic connections to the traditional dances and music of Nepal, India, and Tibet. We are the bridge to Himalayan and South Asian cultural diversity through the arts.

Explore. Engage. Enrich.

Two dancers posing with elaborate costumes in pink and green in museum garden.
Cordula and Tasherit Sturm Dahal invite you to join the Utpalasia community for programs, classes, and so much more! Photo: Tarik Sturm

Utpalasia is a member of the International Dance Council – CID, official partner of UNESCO, located in Paris, France.

Learn more about earning your International Certification of Dance Studies.

Dance Classes

Young woman dancer in green in elongated pose.

2024 Winter Group Classes will run from January 7 through March 31, followed by Spring Group Classes from April 7 through June 30. Enjoy hybrid teaching online and in person – upskill, energize, and find your community! For private class availability and fees, please contact us

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Unique Pieces That Tell A Story

We’re excited to be offering our free P.A.S.S.© program, a Personal Assisted Shopping Service for discerning clients and collectors of Himalayan wearable art. Learn more about vintage jewelry and let us help you find that perfect piece!

Cuffs & Bracelets from Nepal and Tibet

The Utpalasia Experience

With words as well as choreography you took us magically into the rich culture of Nepal reflected in delicate gestures, lovely dance, tinkling bells, and flashing costumes!

Donn B. Murphy, President, Executive Director
The National Theatre

It is we who should be giving thanks here. Your years of practice and planning led to the masterful contributions you shared with our audience.

Phil Nash, Curator
Smithsonian Institution

Your presence and performance here today has offered both insight and inspiration into the Asian culture. Your vibrant music and dance serve as snapshots, highlighting the diverse, rich and intricate customs that have influenced Asia for centuries. By sharing this experience with us, you have deepened our appreciation for the strength, honor, beauty and wisdom woven into the fabrics of Asian culture.

Colonel D. J. Choike, Commander
Marine Corps Base Quantico