Welcome to the Grand Relaunching of our Website!

Namaste and Swagatam (“Welcome”) to the newly relaunched Nepal Dance School website! We are proud to bring you not only a completely new look, but also a platform to view information about our organization, its activities, available programs and performances, as well as insight into the wonderful and unique country and people of Nepal.

You may now view and subscribe to our monthly calendar, see clips of classes in action or actual productions, learn more about the dance styles and our music instruction, and even book programs for your school or civic group. NDS has its own channel on Stage 6.com, dozens of photographs, along with many other types of media. You can also subscribe to our news, photo galleries, calendar, and video channel. The relaunched website will also provide you with brief information about our directors, staff, and support team.

We have had a very successful 2007 with record-breaking class attendance, performances in Egypt, a beautiful stage production of Gul-e-Bakawali, featuring our director and choreographer, Bhim Dahal, in the lead role as Prince Taj, and our acceptance into the Fairfax County CAPS program.

In January of 2008, we will be joining an impressive and diverse group of artisans in Young Audiences of Virginia, to bring the traditions and heritage of music and dance of the Himalayan regions to children all across the state. We hope you will join us in person or on the web, at utpalasia.org!

We wish all of our students, fellow artists, musicians, and wonderful people who collaborate with us to bring you the highest standard in education and entertainment, a very happy, healthy, and successful holiday season!

Bhim & Cordula Dahal