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Utpalasia offers a variety of workshops in both dance and music. Workshops may be scheduled for one, two, four, or six hours and are staffed by two professionally trained instructors.

For dance workshops, students do a series of flexibility exercises, are taught a number of basic steps and moves, and then begin to learn original choreography to a selected song.

For music workshops, students are first introduced to the history of the instrument, its origin and significance in the culture, how it is made, and the basic patterns of a simple time cycle. A hands-on segment follows, along with group improvisation.

Workshops are ideal for schools, universities, the military, and business groups that wish to provide a unique and enjoyable learning experience for their students, employees, or members. These events are popular with children and adults of all ages, and suitable even for those who have had no prior instruction.

We currently offer these workshops:

1 hr$35/per student
2 hrs$65/per student
4 hrs$130/per student
6 hrs$190/per student

Each workshop requires a minimum of 10 students and is conducted in a location of your choice.

We offer workshops in the Washington, D.C. Metro area. Workshops within a 25 mile radius incur no traveling surcharge. For every 10 miles thereafter, a $20 traveling surcharge per workshop (not per person) applies. To schedule a workshop or to inquire about booking workshops outside of the D.C. Metro area, please contact us.