Fall Tour

Nepal Dance School has had a very busy Fall Season, starting with our early October double feature presentation at the National Theatre in Washington D.C. The evening gave us an opportunity to showcase an overview of several rarely-seen dances from Nepal. We particularly enjoyed the dynamic audience Q & A after each of the programs. Here is what Dr. Murphy, President and Executive Director of the National Theatre had to say:

“To All the Dahals – It is I who should be thanking you for such a delightful evening of elegance and expertise. With words as well as choreography you took us magically into the rich culture of Nepal reflected in delicate gestures, lovely dance, tinkling bells and flashing costumes! And you were a joy to work with: decisive, cooperative, warm, and friendly.”

We greatly appreciate all the staff at National Theatre for making our experience there unforgettable!

NDS recently returned from a terrific tour around Virginia, performing and presenting our unique programs at a variety of venues. We wish to thank Young Audiences of Virginia for making it possible for us to reach such a wide spectrum audience: our tour went into elementary and middle schools, local and state afterschool programs, as well as entertaining the wonderful people at VDOT during their Multi-Cultural Festival.

We greatly appreciate the delightful welcome we were given everywhere, and the great support from educators and school personnel. Most of all, we were thrilled to see the enthusiasm and high-power participation by our audiences (students and staffers alike!!), who learned about the cultural heritage of the Himalayan land of Nepal, and danced Bollywood, Kathak, Buddhist and Nepalese Folk Dance with us. You were awesome!!