Journey to the East @ the Freer & Sackler Galleries of Art

NDS Artistic Director Bhim Dahal will be performing rare Buddhist dances at the Freer Gallery of Art & the Arthur M. Sackler Gallery each weekend through the month of September. Join us as we kick off Journey to the East this Saturday and Sunday at 2 p.m. with performances of the Lakhe and Manjusri dances on the Freer steps.

Families with children between the ages of 8-14 can register for the Sackler’s Imaginasia program, which features a a guided tour of the gallery, hands-on activities about Shakyamuni Buddha, and a class demonstrating Buddhist hand gestures and body positions.

Admission is free. Additional details can be found on the Freer and Sackler Gallery’s events page.

We hope to see you here!