Kites of Asia Wrap-Up

Kites of Asia at the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum was a roaring success! Check out some photos of the event. Kids had a terrific time making music with traditional Himalayan instruments and visiting the Buddhist auspicious symbol coloring table. They also got moving to the sounds of popular Bollywood and Nepali folk songs after the performances. The fun wasn’t just limited to kids, though — many parents got up and danced with us, too!

Our youngest dancer, Tasherit Sturm Dahal, did a solo Kathak dance performance and thrilled the audience with her vivacious spins and footwork. Bhim Dahal performed for the first time on the sarangi, a stringed folk instrument of Nepal, and was accompanied by Cordula Sturm Dahal on the harmonium and madal.

The Yeti, known as the Abominable Snowman (a term which was first coined in 1921), is said to inhabit the Himalayas. One thing is for sure — he appeared this past weekend! We had a wonderful time introducing everyone to our furry friend. Our Yeti tells us that he was disappointed he couldn’t actually eat anyone. Maybe next year!   😉

We had an awesome time performing at this year’s Kites of Asia festival. A special thank you to:

  • Mychalene Giampaoli, our favorite, super-dynamic director of family programs at the Air & Space museum (you are one amazing lady!)
  • Agustin, her second-in-command and top coordinator
  • Paul, the AV guy who came armed with a totally new system
  • Shauna, a fellow dancer & geologist
  • Kristine, one of our former students and a museum intern
  • Anne (who still remembers working with us way back when!)
  • And many, many more!!

Remember, if you liked any of the dances or instruments you saw, we want to see you in one of our classes!