Sheshnarayan Temple

Pharping lies in a beautiful green area beyond Chobar, and is highly sacred to Tibetan Buddhists and Hindus alike. There you will find Sheshnarayan, one of the four most revered temples of Narayan, or Vishnu, in Nepal. The area is steeped in a blend of religion and lore where caves and cliffs form the backdrop for myths and age-old practices and beliefs. A statue of Uma Maheshwor rises from one of the seven ponds as goldfish gently glide by. Legend says that long ago two snakes formed a bridge to help a priest cross a swift stream to the temple, and locals have thrown a forked branch into the pond every year to commemorate the event. Pharping was one of our favorite stops on the road to the inspiring Shree Dakshinkali temple.SheshnarayanTemple