Vajrayogini Temple near Sankhu

South and Southeast Asia is composed of many nations, each with its own heritage and traditions, languages, societies, and defining character. In part, geography determines a great deal of how these societies have developed and how they view the world outside their own boundaries. Often they share some similar thread of belief systems, artistic styles, ornamentation, dance, music, and other arts.

At Utpalasia we are fascinated by the development of cultural diversity and integration over time. Our goal is to highlight the unique features of select countries and present them in ways that illustrate how societies have shaped and/or maintain their identities, and how these relate to the world at large.

To achieve this we plan to explore the arts, folktales, cuisine, historical sites, personal stories, lifestyles, and much more. Our classes, workshops, and programs will also expand with new content. This is a work-in-progress and we hope you will join us in our adventure over the coming months and years!

Did You Know?

Indonesia: Bali