After School Enrichment

Utpalasia offers a wide range of after school enrichment programs in dance for elementary and middle school children which are both fun and educational. These sessions run for eight weeks, with one 55 minute class per week. Students are introduced to one of three styles of dance—Kathak, Bollywood, or Nepali folk—and learn basic foundation steps, flexibility routines, and core dance moves, all of which are incorporated into a dance suited to their age and level.

These classes teach not only technical skills, but foster cooperation, attention, discipline, physical exercise, memory, and body coordination. Children enjoy the challenge of learning new material every week and building on their skills. At the end of the semester, the group presents the finished product to parents and friends. Students will have a new sense of accomplishment and self-development, which also increases confidence in other areas as well.

These enrichment programs can be scheduled either directly by the school or through the PTA. Special discounts are available. Please inquire for dates and times.