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Advanced Kathak Workshops – Summer 2020

Kathak is one of the main classical Indian dances that inspires and delights audiences with its fast spins, energetic footwork, intricate hand moves, and artistic presentation.

Jaipur and Lucknow, the two principal schools of Kathak, differ considerably. The former is more athletic and vibrant, while the latter has a subtler and more emotive style. Like most dance forms today, Kathak is learning to reinvent and reinvigorate its classic lines with more modern fusion elements, such as remixed classical music and vibrant original compositions by vocalists and musicians. However, the basic core of nritta, or pure technical dance, remains a top requirement in any piece.

In traditional classes, foundational skills are endlessly repeated until they are more than second nature. The ability to generate nritya, or expressive, emotional dance, is integrated into the learning process early on, but really only develops over time and with consistent practice. Many gurus say that life and experience make for the truest ability to portray emotions. All of these facets of dance come together to form natya, the full drama in which dance and artistry play a very important role.

The wonderful quality about Kathak is that it can be learned and enjoyed at any age. The current evolution of the dance allows for a continuation of the strict classical style while incorporating more exciting and dynamic modern elements. This makes it even more accessible to a wider artist and audience range. We definitely foresee a revitalized future for lovers of Kathak!

Utpalasia will be presenting advanced Kathak workshops this summer. Each session will include a different piece that focuses on the following:

  • tintaal & matta taal
  • intensive footwork
  • chakkars (spins) and jumps
  • stage presence
  • musicality and texture
  • pacing and stamina
  • technical skills

Two years of prior experience with Kathak is highly recommended for these workshops. Questions? Just shoot us a line at We hope you’ll join us for a great experience and super workout!

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Bollywood Fusion Workshops – Summer 2020

Dance is a multi-faceted activity that not only works your body, but has a positive effect on mental health as well. It is a tremendous stress reliever and pumps you full of endorphins, essentially giving you a shot of happiness.

Health organizations all recommend doing consistent cardio throughout the week and dance is a fun way to reach your goals and stay fit! At Utpalasia, we integrate the many diverse styles that now make up Bollywood fusion, from cinema Bollywood, classical Kathak, and traditional folk dance to hip hop, belly dance, and more to present you with original, exciting content.

Still not convinced about what dance can do for you? Here are some of the major benefits:

  • Increased coordination
  • High and low intensity training
  • Development of natural rhythm
  • Full body workout
  • Stress relief
  • Toning
  • Flexibility
  • Enhanced memory
  • Superior balance
  • Calorie burning (on average 450 an hour)
  • Enriched musicality
  • Defined technical skills
  • Improved muscular resistance

We could go on and on! Even if you are currently taking regular dance classes, Utpalasia’s three online workshops in June, July, and August will give you some amazing challenges. These sessions are designed to provide an aerobic and cardio workout meshed with learning an originally choreographed Bollywood fusion item. They will also encourage you to maximize your competence and confidence in presenting performance ready pieces.

Each session features a different piece and focuses on key elements such as:

  • a customized warm-up for flexibility and stretching
  • greater precision with form and technical skills
  • dance texture and timing
  • consistent body lines and extensions
  • nuanced facial expressions and acting
  • stage presentation

We recommend at least 2 years of Bollywood experience and/or a firm command of another style, such as hip hop, but we also welcome the brave at heart who want to be courageous and try something challenging and new!

Sessions will be held online via Google Meet.

We hope you will join us in having some fun, getting healthy, and loving dance as much as we do!

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Bollywood Fusion

Get up and join Tasherit Sturm Dahal at Cerdafied Dance Studio in Franconia, Va every Thursday evening as she powers up with Bollywood Fusion for Young Adults from 6-7pm, followed by adults from 7-8pm! More info here:

Tasherit & Phil Wright at Millennium Dance Complex, Los Angeles
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Multicultural Festival 2019

Bring the family for an incredible day of fun, food, and entertainment as the University of Mary Washington presents its 2019 Multicultural Festival, rain or shine. Shop with hundreds of vendors from around the world, watch diverse music performances, eat delicious specialties, and participate in free workshops for all ages. Kids have a dedicated activity center, too! Utpalasia will be presenting a program of original fusion, classical Indian, and folk dance at 2:15 in Monroe Hall. We hope you’ll join us! The event runs from 10am to 5pm. Parking is free.