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Bollywood Fusion Workshops – Summer 2020

Dance is a multi-faceted activity that not only works your body, but has a positive effect on mental health as well. It is a tremendous stress reliever and pumps you full of endorphins, essentially giving you a shot of happiness.

Health organizations all recommend doing consistent cardio throughout the week and dance is a fun way to reach your goals and stay fit! At Utpalasia, we integrate the many diverse styles that now make up Bollywood fusion, from cinema Bollywood, classical Kathak, and traditional folk dance to hip hop, belly dance, and more to present you with original, exciting content.

Still not convinced about what dance can do for you? Here are some of the major benefits:

  • Increased coordination
  • High and low intensity training
  • Development of natural rhythm
  • Full body workout
  • Stress relief
  • Toning
  • Flexibility
  • Enhanced memory
  • Superior balance
  • Calorie burning (on average 450 an hour)
  • Enriched musicality
  • Defined technical skills
  • Improved muscular resistance

We could go on and on! Even if you are currently taking regular dance classes, Utpalasia’s three online workshops in June, July, and August will give you some amazing challenges. These sessions are designed to provide an aerobic and cardio workout meshed with learning an originally choreographed Bollywood fusion item. They will also encourage you to maximize your competence and confidence in presenting performance ready pieces.

Each session features a different piece and focuses on key elements such as:

  • a customized warm-up for flexibility and stretching
  • greater precision with form and technical skills
  • dance texture and timing
  • consistent body lines and extensions
  • nuanced facial expressions and acting
  • stage presentation

We recommend at least 2 years of Bollywood experience and/or a firm command of another style, such as hip hop, but we also welcome the brave at heart who want to be courageous and try something challenging and new!

Sessions will be held online via Google Meet.

We hope you will join us in having some fun, getting healthy, and loving dance as much as we do!

Announcements Cultural Heritage Dance Festivals Performances & Programs

Multicultural Festival 2019

Bring the family for an incredible day of fun, food, and entertainment as the University of Mary Washington presents its 2019 Multicultural Festival, rain or shine. Shop with hundreds of vendors from around the world, watch diverse music performances, eat delicious specialties, and participate in free workshops for all ages. Kids have a dedicated activity center, too! Utpalasia will be presenting a program of original fusion, classical Indian, and folk dance at 2:15 in Monroe Hall. We hope you’ll join us! The event runs from 10am to 5pm. Parking is free.

Announcements Class Info Cultural Heritage Dance Festivals Performances & Programs

2019 Move Me Festival Is On!

Join us this coming Saturday, March 16, at Kenmore Middle School in Arlington, VA for the 10th Annual Move Me Festival. The event is FREE and runs from 1 – 4 pm. See dancers from Utpalasia and India School perform Bollywood hits and classical Kathak dance. Bring the family and participate in our afternoon workshop to learn folk steps and Bollywood. Enjoy the Bowen McCauley Dance Company and a host of other local dance groups and artists. Get up, get out, get moving! Hope to see you there!

Dance Festivals Performances & Programs

Celebrating Refugees


We had an epic day at the One Journey Festival held on the lawn outside the impressive National Cathedral in Washington DC. The weather was on our side, the artists were amazing, the food delicious, the music terrific, and the message clear: Welcome Refugees. Thanks to all of our beautiful and talented dancers who participated in the event – you were awesome! We can’t wait for next year!!



Announcements Dance Festivals Performances & Programs

Celebrate Refugees at Washington National Cathedral June 2


Join us tomorrow, rain or shine, at the One Journey Festival at the Washington National Cathedral! Enjoy dance, music, food, fashion, activities for children and more! The event is free. We hope to see you at our performance of Himalayan and Indian dances and at our workshop. Come celebrate the talents and contributions of refugees from around the world.

Announcements Dance Festivals Performances & Programs

One Journey Festival Kicks Off on June 2


Come be a part of the #1journeyfest on the lawn of Washington National Cathedral in Washington, DC. next Saturday, June 2. Join familiar faces from the world of fashion and cuisine as well as the arts. We’ll be there sharing #Himalayan and #Indian dance and storytelling #withrefugees. Plan to spend the day with us show your support and appreciation for these amazing people whose talents and skills enrich us all. To learn more about refugees around the world visit @refugeestudies of the University of Oxford on Twitter.

Announcements Dance Festivals Performances & Programs

The Multidimensionality of the Refugee Issue

Refugees are often seen as a burden on society, however, we tend to ignore the multidimensionality of this issue. Refugees have a wealth of life experience, talents, skills, as well as resiliency. They can be, and are, contributors in so many areas. To ignore that potential is to bypass an opportunity to show our humanity, our compassion, and our desire for inclusivity. In short, the ‘refugee crises’ is, as this article states, more of a ‘crisis in response’. Come join us @1journeyfestival to share tales of hardship and joy, challenge and triumph. Witness some of the beauty and #culturaldiversity that refugees bring with them through the mediums of dance, music, food, and the arts.


Announcements Dance Festivals Performances & Programs

UNHRC/U.N. Refugees Goodwill Ambassador Ger Duany at 1 Journey Festival June 2


Former child soldier – one of the “Lost Boys of Sudan”, and refugee turned actor/model, Ger Duany has given his support to the 1 Journey Festival. His work for the UNHRC and the plight of refugees is vocal and focused on creating dialogue and positive change. Join us as we take part in the conversation by showcasing the rich artistic heritage of countries around the world through dance, music, food, and storytelling. This is one journey we will all share as we move toward the future.

Utpalasia is pleased to present dances and a workshop from the Himalayan region and India at this first-ever festival to honor the achievements and contributions of refugees.

Photo: Ger Duany, with His Holiness the Dalai Lama, via Twitter.

Performances & Programs

Nepali Folk Dance Performance @ Bloombars in Washington, D.C.

Tasherit Sturm Dahal will be performing for the Network of South Asian Professionals in DC at Bloombars this Thursday, February 28, 2013, at 8 P.M. She will demonstrate Nepali folk dance and offer an interactive mini-workshop for all attendees. Further details may be found at NetSAP.

Performances & Programs

Bollywood Performance and Workshop at the Smithsonian

As part of India Family Day, NDS will be presenting two Bollywood performances, followed by workshops, at the Smithsonian on August 11, 2012. Senior dancer, Tasherit Sturm Dahal, will be demonstrating some classic Bollywood dances, with Bhim Dahal conducting a short workshop for all ages and levels.

Come join us on the steps of the Freer Gallery at both 10 A.M. and 4 P.M. for this wonderful (free!) event.