Durga Temple Cultural Performance

Thanks to all who turned out to support our youngest dancers as they enchanted the audience with their Bollywood and Kathak items for Dussehra/Dashain at Durga Temple on Saturday. It was exciting to see our performers present original choreography by Tasherit with so much grace and charm. You rocked the stage and the house!!  

Happy Teej!

The women of Nepal are thronging Pashupatinath Temple in Kathmandu and their natal village homes to celebrate a unique festival which takes places each year in the month of Bhadau. Resplendent in their red saris, sindoor powder, glass bangles, and tilhari necklaces women sing and dance and perform cultural programs. The festival begins lasts for… Continue reading Happy Teej!

Buddha Jayanti

Kathmandu celebrated Buddha Jayanti at a freshly cleaned and painted Swayambhunath. Honoring the 2561st anniversary of the birthday of Lord Buddha, the day included special events for worship and prayer, social programs, and other festivities, including a beautiful night illumination. See more at https://goo.gl/pCNyh4  

Kathmandu Celebrates Tihar!

Devotees celebrated Laxmi and cow puja yesterday, with many women creating beautiful rangoli designs, cleaning, and setting up multi-colored lights to invite the goddess of wealth into their homes. Today, Newars observe Mha puja, or worship of self. This will be followed by Bhai Tika, or offerings to brothers by sisters tomorrow. We wish everyone… Continue reading Kathmandu Celebrates Tihar!

Yampanchak Begins Today with Kaag Tihar

With Dashain behind us, Nepalis begin round two with the second most popular festival in the Himalayan nation – Tihar. People provide tender morsels for crows, hoping to avert grief and death in their homes. The black birds can be seen on virtually every rooftop, enjoying their meals and cawing with pleasure!  

Bada Dashain Begins in Nepal – Happy Ghatasthapana!

  People are celebrating Ghatasthapana with the planting of barley, rice, wheat, and corn seeds in a clay pot as part of a puja, or offering, in their homes. Sprouted seedlings are called jamara and will be offered as part of tika on Vijaya Dashami, or the main festival day, which occurs in ten days time. The… Continue reading Bada Dashain Begins in Nepal – Happy Ghatasthapana!

Happy Teej!

Red sari-clad women are thronging Pashupatinath Temple in Kathmandu today to celebrate Teej through prayer, offerings, music, and dance. Teej is the beautiful festival in which women pray and make offerings to Lord Shiva for the their husband’s longevity, prosperity, and happiness. For unmarried women, it is hoped that this worship will lead to a… Continue reading Happy Teej!